Sweden has many great outdoor attractions for kids

Sweden has many great outdoor attractions for kids

Liseberg - Stefan Karlberg

Liseberg - Stefan Karlberg

What to do with kids in Sweden

Sweden has a well-deserved reputation for being an ideal destination for kids and their families.

Sweden is very child-friendly, with good facilities provided in restaurants, on public transport and in hotels, making travelling with children in Sweden relatively straightforward.

Fun for kids in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö

In and around Sweden’s big cities as Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö there are many exciting theme parks, playgrounds, zoos and museums.

Swedish Lapland

If you have the opportunity to visit Swedish Lapland with your family, you will feel like a part of nature in Sweden right away. Everything you do, feel, smell and eat is associated with the local natural scenery and the family holidays here offers you all kind of nature adventures.

If you are lucky to be in Swedish Lapland under the Northern Lights or Midnight Sun seasons, you have the chance to discover some of the biggest natural phenomena in the Nordic countries. 

Winter activities in Sweden

Sweden has some of Europe’s very best family-friendly ski resorts, so if you will go with kids on skiing - the winter season in Sweden is a perfect choice.

Summer activities

Sweden offers great outdoor adventures in the summer - what about exploring the West Coast by kayak or timber-rafting down Sweden’s biggest river, through the giant forests of Värmland province in the west of the country?  Or a horse-riding holiday on the Baltic island of Gotland. Another tip is to take a day off discoverer some of Sweden’s castle, palaces or Viking settlements.


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