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Travel Guide to Finnish Lapland

Here we tell you why you should visit the Finnish Lapland, and what to do in Summer and Winter.

Finnish Lapland is situated in the northern part of Finland and occupies 30% of the country's land area, but only 3 % represents the population.

When you visit Finnish Lapland, you will forget about the busy life, agreements, pollution and annoying noises.



Rovaniemi - the hometown of Santa Claus

Rovaniemi is known as the hometown of Santa Claus and the biggest city in Finnish Lapland, and of course, the Santa Claus Village is a must-see here.

Rovaniemi area has a population of around 60.000. You'll find a lot more to do besides looking for Santa Claus. The Northern Lights are a big attraction here, and Rovaniemi has some excellent spots to explore it. 

Arktikum Museum presents and provides information on Arctic issues and tells stories about Lapland. In an Arktikum exhibition, you will find an enormous information package of what's happening today in the evolving Arctic region. The Arktikum is a 10-minute walk from the centre. Rovaniemi also offers all kinds of adventures, restaurants, cafes and so on.

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Sami - the indigenous people

The Sami were indigenous people in the Finnish Constitution from 1995. The Sami here got the right to maintain and develop their language, culture and traditional livelihood.

Since 1996, the Sami have had constitutional self-government concerning their language and culture in their homelands. According to Finnish law, the Sámi is entitled to service in their language in official matters.

The Sammies have their parliament building in Inari, where you can also experience the Siida Museum about the Sammies.

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Winter in Lapland

There is almost always snow in Finnish Lapland in winter, and it stays for up to six months a year.

The Northern Lights dance across the sky in green waves on clear winter nights, lighting up the silent snowy landscape.

Several ski resorts boast well-maintained slopes, snow parks, and extensive cross-country trails. Other activities are available for snowmobiling, snowshoeing, husky tours, and reindeer sleigh rides.

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Summer in Lapland

In the summer, the Midnight Sun provides warmth and energy for activities when the sun is up 24/7. Fly fishing, white-water rafting, golf, and gold-panning are only a hint of everything on offer.

In September, autumn leaf colours see Lappish nature burst into yellow, orange and red shades, making it an ideal time for outdoor sports, such as hiking,  trekking and mountain biking.

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How to get to Lapland

By plane

The easiest way to access Finnish Lapland from Helsinki is by plane. There are flights to:

Rovaniemi: Santa Claus Village, Arktikum

Kittilä: Levi

Kuusamo: Ruka

Ivalo: Saariselkä

Rovaniemi has the biggest airport, where Finnair and Norwegian have connections.

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By car

You can drive to Lapland from Helsinki, and it will take you 11 to 15 hours, depending on how far north you go in Finnish Lapland.



Map - Finnish Lapland