The SkyView

The SkyView

Sören Andersson/

Sören Andersson/

The SkyView

The views of Stockholm from Sky View are brilliant. You will explore Stockholm, built on 14 islands, in all directions and you can even see some of Stockholm’s glittering archipelago.

The trip takes  16 minutes, and there are two gondolas side-by-side, each carrying 16 people.

For the technically-minded, the Ericsson Globe was reinforced with 70 tonnes of steel, airlifted in by helicopter and installed by mountaineers (who else). You can combine a trip on Skyview with a guided tour of the inside of the Ericsson Globe – a multi purpose rock concert to ice hockey venue.

Get married at SkyView

Say ‘I do’ on top of the world’s largest spherical building and amaze people when they ask you where you got married. The organisers even arrange champagne and eat.


Getting to SkyView is easy, take the Stockholm Metro Green line straight to ‘Globen’ station. The attraction is just a couple of minutes’ walk away.


Globentorget 2
12177 Stockholm
Stockholm, Capital Region

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  • Lattitude: 59.293509
  • Longitude: 18.082788