The Finland Ice Marathon

The Finland Ice Marathon is an annual event in February in Kuopio. It attracts professionals and beginners of all ages - one of the best events in Finland.

The city of Kuopio has hosted this traditional skating competition since 1984. 

The Finland Ice Marathon is an event for everyone. It offers various competitions for women and men, and with many family activities which also is suitable for children and the Sunday is reserved for pure family fun with a 25km skating trip. 

There are races from 12.5 to 100km in length. In 2020 they also offer ice biking races (100km, 48km and 24km) Friday morning. 

Where is Kuopio

You can reach Kuopio  by flight from Helsinki (1 hour) or by train (4 hours)


24 Feb - 27 Feb 2021

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 61.924110
  • Longitude: 25.748151


Type of Event
  • Sport Event