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Discover Gothenburg

Gothenburg is located near the beautiful West Coast archipelago.

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden, the history of the city goes back to 1621 and was founded by Gustav Adolf II. Today Gothenburg has an exciting mix of historic buildings and contemporary architecture design as the Opera House or the Skanska Skyscraper.

The Gothenburg Opera House offers opera, dance, concerts and musical under one roof, and has a library with 15 tonnes of sheet music. It is also possible to book a guided tour and have a nice lunch at the quayside. 

Go Shopping in Gothenburg

In Gothenburg, there’s a bewildering variety of clothing and designer boutiques with a large number of local designers and vintage stores.  They are all within a 15-minute walking distance of each other. “Ny Haga street” is the main shopping street. You will find interesting shopping malls, and one of the biggest in the Nordic countries, Nordstan, is located in Gothenburg. 

Culinary Gothenburg

In Gothenburg, the atmosphere is easy going and relaxed.  A strong café culture reveals itself in the tones of cafés, which often serve their own roasted coffee. Gourmet restaurants offer amazing food and famous for fish dishes, because of the sea nearby.

Gothenburg is also well known for concerts and festivals. The large arena for music and festival lies just right of the city centre. The famous Electronic Dance Festival takes place every summer. More intimate club events and DJ performances can be found at the city’s bars and nightclubs.

Fun and sightseeing

Gothenburg invites to all kinds of amusements, but the famous family and entertainment park of Liseberg is a "must see". Here you will find all kind of entertainments and well known for impressive flowers.

The islands outside of Gothenburg make up one of Europe’s most beautiful archipelagos. They comprise around 10,000 beautiful granite islets, rendered almost smooth during the ice age. Take a sightseeing boat, lay back and feel this fresh air of the sea, even take a swim if the season. The archipelago invites to adventures of all kinds, like kayaking or fishing.

Culture offers in Gothenburg

As a museum lover, Gothenburg will spoil you. Museum highlights to be mentioned, The Maritime Museum, Museum of Volvo, Gothenburg Museum of Art or the Universeum.

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