Sweden - known for the beautiful archipelagos Hiking in the beautiful national parks in Sweden is a great experience Skiing in Sweden is a big activity in wintertime

Sweden Travel Guide

Sweden is a fascinating country with a unique nature, history and culture.

North of the Arctic Circle you find some of the most beautiful national parks, and here the Midnight Sun shines in summer, and the Northern Lights light up the night sky in the wintertime.

Stockholm, Sweden's trendsetting capital, is a beautiful mix of intact medieval architecture and elegant modern design. It is built on 14 islands, linked by bridges and ferries, so there is always water in view. 

Short facts about Sweden

Sweden is a long, narrow country and the countryside in Sweden varies from rocky beaches to lush forests, beautiful lakes and idyllic farmlands with little red cottages.

Sweden has achieved an excellent standard of living like the other Nordic countries. They have a mixed system of high-tech capitalism and extensive welfare benefits, and the labour force is highly skilled.

Resources like timber, hydropower, and iron are constitutes, and the economy is oriented towards foreign trade. Most of the companies are privately owned and many with a focus on engineering and communication technology.

Sweden is a member of the Schengen agreement.

The people in Sweden

Swedes are formal people and, at all times, serious-minded. On many occasions, Sweden has been the conscience of the world. Swedes are proud of their country, its lakes and forest and natural beauty. A characteristic is "svårmod", melancholia which perhaps derives from the long, dark winters. This characteristic can maybe also explains the Swedish enthusiasm for parties ex. Walpurgis Night the eve of 1 May, and they love to dance and sing - no surprise that the popular music group ABBA is from Sweden.

The Sami people living in the north of Sweden are fun-loving people. The Sami's life approach to life is rational, a system based on generations of experience on a rugged, unforgiving landscape.

The Nobel Prize ceremonies in Stockholm and Oslo

Every December, the prestigious Nobel Prize is presented at ceremonies in Stockholm and Oslo. In Konserthuset in Stockholm, the award ceremony takes place, and there is a prize in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine and literature. Since 1969 Bank of Sweden has given an award for economic sciences. In Oslo, The Nobel Peace Prize is presented on the same day.

Alfred Nobel (1833-96) was a chemist and inventor, and he left a fortune, which is why it each year is possible to give many millions each year to the winners.

Allemansrätten - Right of Public Access

One of the unique joys of living in Sweden is allemansrätten, or the Right of Public Access. It is an unwritten right of access that permits the Swedes to hunt and fish and walk and camp for one night anywhere, provided they do no damage, do not fell live trees, or allow fires to get out of control. Over time these absolute rights have been restricted to accept the need for regulation in a civilised society. Hunting is regulated; fishing requires permits except on the coast and in the largest lakes. Camping is not allowed on obviously private land.

But the general rule is that visitors are allowed to walk across lands at a reasonable distance from houses, yards, gardens and fenced-in areas. With this right comes the responsibility to tread carefully and show consideration for landowners and others.

Famous brands from Sweden

  • Hennes & Mauritz 
  • Ikea
  • ABBA
  • Ingmar Bergman
  • Pippi Longstocking
  • Absolut Vodka
  • Vikings
Climate in Sweden

The climate in Sweden is milder than you might expect because of the warm Gulf Stream. From March to May it is spring, and the summer runs from June to August. The seasons in Sweden is quite different depending on where you visit the country. The country is divided into three major regions: Götaland (south), Svealand (middle) and Norrland in the north.

Most people think of winter when they hear of Sweden. But because of the warm Gulf Stream, the climate here can be much milder than you might expect. Spring, summer, fall and winter each have their unique personalities. Spring runs from March/April to May, summer from June to August, fall from September to October/November and winter from November/December to March/February.