Lakeland is one of the unique nature regions in Finland Mikkeli in Lakeland Lakeland is covered by amazing nature routes Lakeland is surrounded by nature wildlife In Lakeland your  adventure dreams can be realized

Travel Guide for Finnish Lakeland

The Finnish Lakeland is the largest lake region in Europe, with thousands of amazing blue lakes and small tree-covered islands.

Finnish Lakeland is the perfect holiday destination for walkers, cyclists, and water sports enthusiasts among the 188,000 lakes.

The Lakeland area reflects the traditional landscape of Finland, and the region is a popular holiday destination for tourists and Finnish families. 

The main appeal of the area is the peace and serene natural beauty of the still lakes, abundant wildlife and dense green forests. This is the place to go if you want to get away from busy life, annoying noise and agreements.

The area has an exciting history with charming old lake towns. In connection with a visit here, you will explore the local culture, spice up the local lifestyle, and taste the local and organic food.


Endless recreational activities

Regarding seasons, you can explore all kinds of adventures like lake cruises, biking, sauna experience, skiing, hiking, and canoeing, which will get you close to natural beauty.

Swim in the cleanest waters of Lake Saimaa or kayaking adventures with a local guide in the summer. 

Try adventure experiences on your own; starting an adventure experience in one of the national parks is very recommended. The information centres here can be a big inspiration and help in connection with your choices.


Getting to the Lakeland area

Have a direct fly to Lappeenranta and explore the beauty of four Finnish cities. Imatra, Lappeenranta, Mikkeli, and Savonlinna welcome you with a recommended route with thousand experiences. 

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