The Gota Canal offers many different activities

The Gota Canal offers many different activities

Tina Stafrén/

Tina Stafrén/

Gota Canal Activities

Discover the Gota Canale through different activities as bout tours and biking routes.

Boat tours

When visiting the Göta Canal and boarding one of the passenger vessels is like stepping into another world. Here you will be captivated by the beautiful nature colours, pure fresh air. Feel the stress melt away as the boat glides majestically from the pier.

Going on a boat tour on the Göta Canal can be a few hours long or nearly a week. Nine unique passenger boats traffic the canal. Here you can choose boat tours with class historical boats to modern ones.

Biking by Göta Canal

Do you want to experience the Gota Canal from land, bike riding along the canal is an obvious choice. By biking,  you can ride along the old towpaths – a total of 87 km with no cars in sight. 


Göta Canal is a very popular walking destination all year around. Besides the nature beauty, a walk by the canal also fills you with experiences of one kind or another from boat-life to locks and local activity. Along the canal, you will find accommodation, places to eat and interesting things to see.

During the high season, the canal is trafficked by many leisure boats as well as passenger boats. At this time there are also many cyclists on the towpath.

Several companies offer walking tour packages, which include accommodation and food. You can also visit the local tourist office and get an overview of the walking routes in the area.

  • Sjötorp-Lyrestad: 7,0 km
  • Lyrestad-Norrkvarn: 2,0 km
  • Norrkvarn-Hajstorp: 5,2 km
  • Hajstorp-Töreboda: 4,4 km
  • Vassbacken-Tåtorp: 5,5 km
  • BORENSBERG - BERG: 20 km
  • Borensberg-Berg Locks: 20 km
  • Töreboda-Vassbacken: 10,8 km