Discover the Nordic Midnight Sun

Get inspiration to find the best locations to explore the Midnight Sun in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greenland and Iceland.

The phenomenon where the sun remains visible above the horizon at midnight and occurs in the regions north of the Arctic Circle is definitely one of the biggest nature highlights in the Nordic region.

Why do we have Midnight Sun in the Nordic countries

Because of the refraction of light, the midnight sun can occasionally be seen below the Arctic circle. And even more, south in the Nordic countries, the sun is never far below the horizon. From May to August there is so much light from the sun, that you nowhere in the Nordic countries experience true darkness.


What is the Midnight Sun

Because the earth is tilted on its axis the polar regions are facing the sun in the summer months. At 66 degrees north latitude, at the Arctic Circle is the northern limit of the longest day of the year. Around 21 June the sun is visible for the full 24 hours

The midnight sun can be seen between mid-June and early July. The endless hours of daylight give rivers, mountains and lakes a wonderful pearly sheen.


Where to see the Midnight Sun in the Nordic countries

It is possible to watch the midnight sun in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Greenland.

In Sweden, the most highly recommended midnight sun destination is Kiruna. Here the midnight sun is visible from 29 May to 14 July. 

In Norway, we can recommend Tromsø (20 May-22July) and North Cape (13 Mai - 29 July)

In Finland, it is possible in Utsjoki (16 Mai-27 July) and Kilpisjärvi (22 Mai -25 July)