Discover the Nordic Midnight Sun

Get here inspiration to find the best locations to explore the Midnight Sun in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greenland and Iceland.

The phenomenon of ´the Midnight sun´, where the sun remains visible above the horizon at midnight,  occurs in the regions north of the Arctic Circle. This is one of the biggest nature highlights in the Nordic region.



Where to see the Midnight Sun

Watching the midnight sun in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Greenland - see our list below:


1. Norway:

Svalbard 20 April - 22 Aug
Northcape 13 May- 29 July
Tromsø 20 May 23 July
Bodø 4 June - 8 July
Hammerfest 16 May 27 July
Narvik 25 May- 20 July
Svolvær 28 May - 14 July
Andenes 22 May - 21 July
Vardø 17 May- 26 July


17 May - 27 July

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 2. Sweden

In Sweden, the best places to see the Midnight Sun would be in the country's far north, such as the Lapland region.

During the summer months of June and July, the sun does not set in these areas, providing the opportunity to experience the Midnight Sun. Some locations known for their Midnight Sun views include the Abisko National Park,  Kiruna and Jokkmokk.

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3. Finland

Some locations known for their Midnight Sun views in Finland include the towns of Rovaniemi,  Inari,  and Utsjoki.

Visitors can also see Midnight Sun in areas of Finnish Lapland National Park, and the northern part of the Bothnian Bay National Park.

The best experience of Midnight Sun can be seen in the areas above the Arctic Circle, where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the Lapland wilderness while the sun is shining all the time.


What is the Midnight Sun

Because the earth is tilted on its axis, the polar regions face the sun in the summer months. At 66 degrees north latitude, the Arctic Circle is the northern limit of the longest day of the year. Around 21 June, the sun is visible for a total of 24 hours

The midnight sun can be seen between mid-June and early July. The endless daylight hours give rivers, mountains and lakes a beautiful pearly sheen.