The Big Arctic Five in Greenland

The Big Arctic Five in Greenland

Mads Pihl- VisitGreenland

Mads Pihl- VisitGreenland

The Big Arctic Five

Maybe you have heard the expression "The Big Five" before from somewhere around the world.

It is the season to decide which of the top 5 experiences you can enjoy and participate in, on your Greenland tour.

Dog Sledding

The authentic dog sledge rides through the amazing arctic landscape in Greenland is an unforgettable experience, making you forget all about your busy life at home.

Northern Light

The uplifting magic of the Northern Lights presents you an incredible nature experience, which will follow you the rest of your life. Throughout the Northern Light season in Greenland, many tour operators create fantastic tours for this event.

The Ice Sheet

The ice sheet is one of the most famous natural phenomena in Greenland. It is the gigantic ice cap that both overwhelms and astounds nature-lovers. The unforgettable experiences of the magnificence of the ice and the impressive silence are Greenland moments for life.

You will find around Ilulissat and Uummannaq are particularly well-known as the source of many large icebergs that break off the glaciers in the deep fjords. But also in Southern Greenland, you will find smaller icebergs as much beautiful as in the north.

The tremendous whales

The whales are one of "The Big Arctic Five", and it is a must-see if you visit Greenland. In the summer it is a high season to go on a whale watching tour.

The people of Greenland

On top as number five comes the people of Greenland known as pioneers, simultaneously ancient and modern. They are also a proud, polite and accommodating people, and the Greenlandic people looking forward to welcoming you.

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