Malmø in Southern Sweden

Welcome to Malmø the third largest city in Sweden.

The main attraction and the landmark in Malmø is the architectural masterpiece  “Turning Torso”, also known as the tallest building in Sweden. The nearby beautiful parks invite to take a break, and the new harbour sites are very interesting places to visit too. Good restaurants and cafes here.

Lilla Torget

The small cosy main marketplace“Lilla torget” are restored parts of the late-medieval town. Many are now occupied by galleries, boutiques and restaurants. Don`t miss some of Malmø`s edgy museums and exciting the local architecture.

The Bridge to Copenhagen

Just outside Malmø, you will find the Øresund Bridge, the perfect connection to cool capital of Denmark Copenhagen, which you can reach with normal traffic within 45 minutes. 

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Discover Malmø

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