Adventures in Sweden

The wild nature in Sweden invites for adventure experiences.

Sweden is a wonderful place to visit at any time of year if you love outdoor activities, with possibilities for hiking, fishing, winter sport and a lot more,

Here is a lot of space and the countryside is not overcrowded and the lakes are very clean. 

Skiing and winter activities

Skiing is a sport that began in the Nordic countries and is very popular. Sweden has a big ski tradition and culture like most other Nordic countries. Sweden has created many international ski champions and Sweden offers several unique ski resorts

The most popular ski resorts are Idre, Sälen and Åre. In northern Sweden, you can ski from the end of October into April. Kiruna

In Lapland, you can ski and snowboard under the midnight sun from late May to the end of June when the snow melts.

Kiruna offers other winter activities such as dog sledging, snowmobile riding or ice fishing and you can stay in an igloo ice hotel at Jukkasjärvi.


Wild Nature Adventures

Sweden is a very beautiful unspoilt country where you can experience a close encounter with nature in one of the last partially unspoilt wildernesses in the World. In Sweden, you will find incredible spots and hiking trails to discover nationwide.

Outdoor activities like biking, canoeing, fishing or hunting are popular due to Sweden´s amazing nature, including wonderful national parks, impressive mountains and captivating archipelagoes.

Swimming in lakes and saunas is very popular, and often even the smallest town has their sauna. The Swedish often take a cold shower afterwards or, in winter, roll in the snow.

In Sweden, you find more than 100,000 lakes, so people often swim in the local lake.



Hiking in Sweden

In Sweden, you can freely walk, camp, cycle, ride or ski across the country. They have Allemansrätten, which is Sweden´s right of public access. 

It also allows you to pick wild berries, fish and swim where there are no nearby houses.

A network of more than forty long-distance footpaths covers the whole of Sweden. The Kungsleden, the King´s Route is the most popular and famous trail. It is a route of 46km and it goes between Hemavan and Abisko in the northwest of Sweden. You will also pass the highest mountain in Sweden, Kebnekaise, with 2102m.

You will find mountain stations and huts for accommodation.


Canoeing and rafting

In Sweden, you find more than a hundred thousand lakes and rivers. Taking a canoe trip is very popular, and here we can recommend the Stockholm archipelago.

For rafting, we recommend Klarälven River in Värmland



Fishing in Sweden

Sweden is a paradise for anglers. Even in Stockholm, you can catch salmon. Fishing is free in the larger lakes and along the coastline.

In most areas, you need a permit for freshwater fishing, so ask at local tourist offices.

Popular areas are the lakes Vänern, Vättern and Mälaren.

In northern Sweden, Tärnaby offers top mountain fishing for trout and char. And the nearby Sorsele offers excellent opportunities for trout, grayling and trout.

The river running through the Torne Valley is an excellent place for salmon fishing.

In most areas, you need a permit for freshwater fishing, so ask at local tourist offices.



Golf in Sweden

Golfers might be teeing off at some of Europe’s best golf courses in the southern provinces of Halland and Skåne in April/May while the ski slopes up north are still open.



Seasons in Sweden

Sweden is naturally seasonally related, and it is vital to know that spring and summer arrive later in Swedish Lapland in the north than in central and Southern Sweden.


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