The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid sculpture in Copenhagen was created with inspiration from a famous fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen.

Brewer Carl Jacobsen

The Little Mermaid was made with inspiration from a famous fairy tale from the world-known author Hans Christian Andersen, and The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen was originally a gift from the Danish brewer Carl Jacobsen, founder of the famous Carlsberg brewery, to the city of Copenhagen in 1913, and the sculpture is made of bronze and granite. It is the biggest attraction in Denmark today.

The story about The Little Mermaid

The story about "The Little Mermaid" is that the founder of Carlsberg, Carl Jacobsen, was very interested in ballet and visited the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen very often. Here he deeply liked a ballet story from Hans Christian Andersen about "The Little Mermaid".

The lead dancer ballerina was Ellen Pali Si (Ellen Price). The story tells about The Little Mermaid was every morning and evening swimming from the seabed to the sea, perched on a rock in the water, eagerly gazing at the coast expecting to see a glimpse of her beloved prince. 

Carl Jacobsen then ordered the artist Edward Eriksen to create the mermaid statue. Carl Jacobsen asked Ellen Price to be his model, but she refused. Later the story tells that she said, "A Royal solo dancer is not sitting as a model for an artist". Instead, Edward Eriksen`s wife Elin was the model for the creation of The Little Mermaid by Eriksen.

The Little Mermaid is the most visited attraction in Copenhagen

The Little Mermaid is today one of the best-known landmarks for Copenhagen and welcoming all travellers to Copenhagen when they were arriving at Copenhagen with a cruise, and she is probably Denmark`s most photographed sightseeing attraction.


The Little Mermaid
2100 København Ø
Copenhagen, Capital Region

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The Little Mermaid

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