Enjoy historical Nyhavn with cosy restaurants and cafes


Nyhavn in the centre of Copenhagen is a perfect and cosy place to have your lunch or dinnner.

The history of Nyhavn

Take a walk through historic Nyhavn with the many beautiful historic houses. Hans Christian Andersen, the famous Danish author, lived here and got the inspiration to write many of his famous fairy tales. Today Nyhavn has enjoyable cosy restaurants and cafes, and especially in the summer, Nyhavn is a hit for both locals and many tourists.

Nyhavn is a canal from the 17th century and is today a famous entertainment district in Copenhagen. It is lined with brightly coloured old townhouses, bars, cafes and restaurants, and it is possible to see many historical wooden ships - more than 100 years old.

Nyhavn was originally a busy commercial port where ships from all over the world would dock. The area was packed with sailors, ladies of pleasure, pubs and alehouses, and today Nyhavn is one the most popular places to visit in the capital.

Nyhavn today

Today the beautiful old houses have been renovated and classy restaurants dominate now the old port. In Nyhavn, you will see a lot of people enjoying the relaxed atmosphere by the canal, listening to jazz music and enjoy their dinner from one of the restaurants. Have dinner at one of the cosy restaurants or enjoy a beer at the quayside watching the old ships and buildings.

Hans Christian Andersen's Nyhavn

No. 9, Nyhavn, is the oldest house in the area dating back to 1681. The design of the house has not been altered since that time.
Many of the houses lining the quays of Nyhavn have been the homes of prominent artists.

Hans Christian Andersen used to live in no. 20. This is where he wrote the fairy tales "The Tinder-Box", "Little Claus and Big Claus", and "The Princess and the Pea"'. He also lived twenty years in no. 67 and two years in no. 18.

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 55.679810
  • Longitude: 12.591469