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Travel guide to Iceland

Iceland is heaven for nature lovers. The country is covered by nature wonders, which are waiting to explore.

There`s more in Iceland than just Reykjavik - you find experiences all over Iceland to discover as the volcanoes, glaciers and beautiful waterfalls.

About Iceland

Iceland is located close to the Arctic circle in the North-Atlantic ocean, and Iceland`s population is quite tiny, with 357.000 (2019) citizens. Thanks to the Gulf Stream Iceland has a temperate climate which means mild winters and refreshing summers.

Iceland has become one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations in the world over the last decade. Fish and fish products are still Iceland's most important revenue sources, followed by exports of aluminium and iron-silicon.

In recent years, Iceland has experienced growth in sectors like biotechnology, software, and tourism, and tourism is today just as big as the fishing industry. One of the countries sources is geothermal energy. Grímsvötn volcano sits directly beneath the icecap and has a complex of calderas, about 6 - 8 km in area, and a subglacial caldera lake sustained by geothermal heat.

People and culture

Many Icelanders can trace their ancestors back to the time of the Viking Settlement around 900 AD, and there has since then been low immigration.

Iceland is a young republic (from 1944) with a directly elected president. It does not mean that Iceland has a rich and interesting history. The Icelandic Sagas is world-famous, and it is recommended to know about the Icelandic traditions, culture, and architecture, due to the many attractions and museums, especially in the capital Reykjavik.

The Icelandic people live in harmony with their beautiful nature, but also appreciate having a high quality of life, where there is time for family, friends and leisure activities. Icelanders love to share the beautiful nature of their outdoor activities like horse-riding or swimming in the hot thermal bath.

The Icelandic people are well known for having a laid-back approach to life, and everybody is known by their first name. Iceland is a nation with self-confidence because of the battle for survival against the elements as earthquake and volcanic eruptions.

Icelanders love sports

In Iceland, handball is the national sport. In the last five years, Iceland`s national soccer team has created very impressive results.

If you have the time and possibility to visit Iceland, don`t hesitate. The adventure offers are endless, and the connection to Iceland gets more and more comfortable.

The phenomenal lights

Iceland is the land of light and darkness with long summer days with nearly sunshine 24-hours a day and short winter days with only very few hours of daylight. Discover unique Northern Light experiences in winter and the long beautiful summer evenings under the Midnight Sun. Iceland has those unique natural phenomena like several other Nordic countries.

Nature wonders

Most of the terrain consists of volcanic areas covered by lava fields and glacier. Active volcanoes like Hekla and Katla are a part of the volcanically active zone that runs through the country from northeast to south-west.

In this geothermal areas, you can find geysers, waterfalls, hot springs, mud springs and black-sand beaches.

Vatnajökull is the biggest icecap and is bigger than the rest of Europe`s icecaps put together. Most of the country is covered by lava fields, ice caps, and deserts, and 70% of the country is uninhabitable.

Outdoor adventures

Throughout the country, you will also find a wide selection of excitements and activities, which attracts visitors from all around the world. Regarding the season, the beautiful nature invites to scenic walks, swimming in hot pools, skiing, water rafting, fishing in the rivers, golfing or riding the small Icelandic horse, just to mention a few. Local tourist offices and operators are always stand by to help here so you can live out your dreams here.