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Kuopio-Lakeland Harbour Town

The Kuopio area is known for its own distinct dialect, but also as hometown for the Finnish Orthodox Church, the country’s official religion.

Kuopio offers a lot of things during the summer. From a number of restaurant terraces down by the harbour, you can watch steamboats chugging about on the water.

What about enjoying an evening cruise on a passenger steamer departing from Kuopio’s harbour, a quintessential Finnish summer experience.

Pikku-Pietari Marketplace

The picturesque Pikku-Pietari, a bustling marketplace forms the hub of the city market, you can find traditional Finnish style concerning a variety of Finland’s best delicacies from the tiny and scrumptious freshwater vendace, to a fine selection of quality handicrafts.

Puijo Tower

By visiting the Puijo observation tower you have some of the most spectacular views in Finland.


In the summer Kuopio invites to participating or experience of a major dance festival or lively wine festival. From the lakeside location on the shores of Kallavesi, Kuopio supports the city's relevant and important role as a harbour for lake traffic. 

Sauna Experiences

Nearby Rauhalahti you will find one other intrinsic Finnish ritual, the smoke sauna, which is claimed by some to be the world’s biggest. It is close to the lake, providing an ideal location for both swimming and sauna sessions. Why not try this out and meet the Finns in one of their own and most popular occupations.

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  • Lattitude: 62.893335
  • Longitude: 27.679338