Norway is famous for the magnificent fjords and wild nature Experience the Norwegian mountains Polar Bear lives at Svalbard in Norway Northern Light over Tromsø in Northern Norway Gudvangen in Norway

Top natural attractions in Norway

Norway is a country of natural beauty characterised by deep fjords with carved valleys.

Norway has incredible fjords that have many scenic and narrow branches and are sprinkled with picturesque villages, waterfalls and imposing glaciers. Seasonal the sky in Northern Norway is covered by the beautiful colours of the Northern Light.

The breathtaking Norwegian Fjords

Joining the Norway Fjords in the western part of Norway is an amazing experience of a lifetime.  Acclaimed National Geographic Traveler Magazine voted in 2009 the Norwegian Fjords as the very best preserved of the attractions of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

When cruising on the Fjords, you understand why. Travel around in or along these Fjords containing all from beautiful mountains, impressive views, amazing waterfalls, national parks with the most beautiful fauna of any kinds.  Some of the most famous fjords are Sognefjorden, Hardangerfjorden, Geirangerfjorden, Lysefjorden and Nærøyfjorden.

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Northern Norway is clean air, Northern Lights and a lot more

Northern Norway will captivate you from the start, whenever you go there in the summer or winter. Time is no issue here, forget all about busy schedules, your neighbour, appointments or obligations. Clean air, beautiful light, natural beauty and, adventures of many kinds will spoil you here. 

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Norwegian national parks

Norway has 44 national parks, 37 on the mainland and 7 on Svalbard. From underwater wonders to high mountainous areas, these parks offer a variety of landscapes and a wide range of exciting outdoor experiences.

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