The Blue Road

The tourist route, the Blue Road, is in total 1300 km and starts in Mo i Rana in Norway and ends in Pudozh in Russia.

The Blue Highway is an international tourist route from Norway via Sweden and Finland to Russia and is a good choice if you want to discover the natural scenery in Sweden.

This route comes from the Blue Ume River (Ume älv), which runs along the road on its way through Sweden.

The Blue Road starts in Mo in Rana in Norway and continues to Pudozh in Russia with a short ferry ride between Umeå and Vaasa in Finland.

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Beautiful scenery in Swedish Lapland

In Sweden, the Blue Road route crosses Sweden from west to east through a typical forest landscape, characteristic of the province of Västerbotten and the southern part of Lapland. You will find The Blue Road is a very scenic route, and here you discover the real nature in Swedish Lapland.


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