Visit the 'Home of the Brick' - a new  LEGO®  experience in Denmark The LEGO® House is made by 21 BIG LEGO Bricks The Tree of Creativity is built from 6,316,611 bricks The  LEGO® House is designed by the Danish famous architect Bjarke Ingels

LEGO® House

The LEGO® House is a new and unique experience house - a 12,000-square-meter 'Home of the Brick'

As a neighbour to the world-famous Legoland Amusement Park in Billund in Southern Jutland, the Lego family now has created the perfect conditions for a unique visit for you and family, in the surroundings, where it all began back in 1947.

A dream came through for the LEGO® family 

The LEGO® House is the result of an idea and dreams the LEGO family thought out years ago. With this 'House', LEGO® celebrate creativity and the strength of learning through play. When children play, they learn the basic skills that they need, such as creativity, collaboration and problem-solving abilities - all this you can get by playing with the small bricks.

Lego House offers both free and paid 'experiences'

The LEGO® House consists of an exciting experience area, restaurants, a LEGO Store, a conference centre and a remarkable 2,000-square-meter public space known as the LEGO Square. 

As a visitor in the LEGO House, there are two different options. You can experience Lego House both with and without an admission ticket. It`s possible without a ticket to visit the large LEGO® Square, and the LEGO Shop, the three restaurants and outside you can play on the rooftop terrace area.

With the ticket, you can go on an exciting tour in the six experience zones, where you can get the whole history of LEGO®, and try out the endless options with the bricks by the motto - 'learn through play'.

Outside the Lego House, you can explore LEGO Square, play at the playgrounds on the nine roof terraces and visit the LEGO Store. Do you get hungry there are several restaurants. In one of them, you will find a unique LEGO twist, which shows LEGO's creative abilities - you will discover when you arrive.

The experience zones in the LEGO® House

By entering the experience area, you are greeted by 'the Tree of Creativity' - a 15-meter high tree, and one of the most giant LEGO® constructions ever made. It took 6,316,611 standard LEGO® bricks and 24,350 hours to assemble this wonder.

Before entering the special coloured play zones and activities, it is an obvious choice to visit the 'Masterpiece Gallery' on the top of the LEGO® House. Skilled LEGO® fans from around the world present unbelievable creations as a tribute to the LEGO® brick.

The ground level has three restaurants, conference space, a store, and a 20,000-square-foot public square. The next two levels feature play zones arranged by colour. In the special coloured play zones, you can train different skills. 

Play zones arranged by colour

The LEGO® brick has been an incredible invention, but what are the secrets behind the big success.  

In the company, they discovered there were five overlapping competencies, which make Lego bricks so unique, as 'to have fun', 'be experimenting', 'tinkering', 'messing around', but also allowed to 'make mistakes'.

In LEGO® House, these core competencies are presented through physical spaces and coloured zones, where kids of all ages, individually or together, get the opportunity to have some fun and make their own LEGO creations and learn through play.  

  • In the Red Zone, there is plenty of room for creativity
  • In the Blue Zone, the cognitive abilities will be stimulated
  • In the Yellow Zone, the emotions will take centre stage
  • In the Green Zone, social play is important

In Black Zone, you can get the whole history of LEGO® and see all the products created during the lifetime of LEGO®. 

With this LEGO House, Denmark has got a new great family attraction and as they say by LEGO - 'We invite you into our LEGO home for the ultimate play date'.

LEGO® House architect is the renowned Danish architect Bjarke Ingels

Danish architect Bjarke Ingels is one of the most inspirational architects of our time, and his architecture embodies an optimism that is playful, practical, and immediately accessible which you also can discover when you visit the Lego House.

Bjarke Ingels has designed building all over the world that includes the Danish Pavilion, VM Houses in Copenhagen8-TALLET and Danish National Maritime Museum in Helsingør. In U.S. Bjarke Ingels has designed VIΛ 57 West at 57th Street in Manhattan and has been selected to design the tower at Two World Trade Center in 2015.


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Ole Kirks Plads 1
7190 Billund
South Jutland

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