The Norwegian Fjords are a top destination in the Nordic countries Bergen is a famous cruise destination Jotunheimen is Norway`s most famous mountain area Ålesund and the surroundings are among the most visited areas in Norway The summer at the Hardangerfjord is so beautiful

Guide to Fjord Norway

Explore the Norway Fjords in the western part of Norway and get unforgettable memories and photos for life.

The most famous norwegian fjords

Sognefjorden, Hardangerfjorden, Geirangerfjorden, Lysefjorden and Nærøyfjorden are the most famous Norwegian fjords. 

The surroundings by the fjords show captivating nature, like beautiful woods, flowers, snow-capped mountains, even in the summer, and some of the highest waterfalls in the world. The surroundings invite all kinds of adventures.

The Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord in Norway became UNESCO World Heritage Nature List members in 2005. Sognefjorden is the longest (204km) and deepest fjord, with mighty mountain peaks and beautiful waterfalls.

Sognefjorden drops 1308 metres below sea level, and large cruise ships can go there and experience the beauty at close range.



The fjords are from the last ice age

Northern Europe was covered by up to three kilometres of thick ice during the succession of ice ages. The fjords were carved by the power of those forces of nature, and today we can be grateful to these ice ages regarding how amazing they look in all their beauty.


Visit Bergen

The most famous city in Fjord, Norway, is Bergen. It is known for its location by the fjord, mountains, sights, and cultural heritage attractions like Bryggen Wharf. Don`t miss the view from Mount Fløyen, the Fishmarket or walking on the Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf. Here you find great restaurants and souvenir shopping opportunities. You reach Bergen easily by flight, boat, car or train.

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How to experience the fjords

There are countless offers and ways to experience Fjord Norway. The most recommended are the famous fjord cruises,  where you get an incredible impression of the Norwegian fjord region.

The fjords consist of saltwater and are very deep. Therefore they permit navigation by large ships, allowing you to experience the Norwegian Fjords' beauty at close range. Sognefjord, Norway`s deepest fjord, drops 1,308 metres below sea level.

You will find some of the most famous fjord tours from Bergen to Sognefjorden and Hardangerfjord.

A highlight cruise tour to be mentioned goes from Gudvangen to Flåm. This cruise tour will take you through Nærøyfjorden, the most narrow fjord in Europe and listed on the Unesco Heritage List.

The outdoor activities offered are endless here. What about taking a hiking trip through the fantastic nature, getting some interesting stories of the region and meeting new friends maybe for life.

One of the most famous hiking trips goes to Trolltunga. Canoeing on the fjords or biking on one of the many nature routes is also very relevant and accessible. 


Discover the fjords by train

The Norway Fjords also offer many beautiful train rides; the most recommended one is Flåm railway ride. An unforgettable 20 kilometres train trip through nature and along with beautiful sites of the Norway Fjords.

The train ends in Myrdal, which connects to Oslo with Bergensbanen. This Railway tour is also very recommended and ranges within the 20 most beautiful train rides globally.


Weather in the  Fjord region

Thanks to the warming Gulfstream and air currents caused by the effect, the Norwegian fjords enjoy a mild climate and remain virtually ice-free. 

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Amazing self-drive experiences

Take a self-drive tour to follow the national routes along the fjords, and stop by some unique views of the fjords and landscape. Some of the most famous sights and attractions are the Pulpit Rock, Ørnesvingen, Gudbrandsjuvet, Trollstigplatået, Våringsfossen waterfall and the Seven Sisters waterfalls by the Geirangerfjorden.

One of the most recommended scenery routes goes from the city of Voss, where you can drive through the amazing and beautiful Nærøydalen Valley via Northern Europe`s steepest road, "Stalheimskleiva".

Is thoroughly recommended to make a stop at Stalheim Hotel, which has a fantastic panorama view of the fjords, before the road ends in Gudvangen and Ullensvang hotel in Lofthus.

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