Ålesund art nouveau town in the Norway Fjords


Ålesund is taken right out of a fantasy world as a result of an incredible history.

Ålesund is a port town on the west coast of Norway and the way Ålesund was rebuilt make it an unforgettable visit. Ålesund was destroyed completely by storm and a massive fire back in 1904.  News of the accident made people flock from all over the world to help.

Art Nouveau Architecture

The economic depression back there made many craftsmen and architects unemployed, and in combination with the help from outside, they created world’s most concentrated collections of Art Nouveau architecture. The houses are constructed in a unique way, by using natural forms and soft lines, which make it so special and fit so perfect to the nature surroundings.

Ålesund has always been known as a fisherman`s town, and you cannot visit the city without notice the fact. Today Ålesund is a target for many cruises too. Try out on of the highly respected restaurants, which present the most delicious food out from local ingredients.

If you have time, pop into the city’s Art Nouveau museum, which is built inside an old pharmacy.

Aksla Viewpoint

Ålesund is located in the most spectacular nature surroundings by the fjords, and you can`t leave the city without visiting Aksla Viewpoint. The lookout and views from here over the city and the fjords, make you speechless. Either you can walk the 418 steps, take the tourist train or jump on the tourist bus to Aksla.

The Atlantic Seapark

Another exciting and popular attraction is The Atlantic Sea Park, including Europe`s largest saltwater aquariums. With fresh water pumped in directly from the ocean, nothing is fake here, all for real. The main target is to show the incredible Norwegian sea life. Outside you will find a 6000 Square meter seal park too, which is very popular especially for the kids.

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 62.472228
  • Longitude: 6.149482