Visit the Upper House Restaurant in Gothenburg

Visit the Upper House Restaurant in Gothenburg

Luckyday - Nordic Cookery - VisitDenmark

Luckyday - Nordic Cookery - VisitDenmark

Discover Nordic Cuisine

Discover the Nordic countries by trying the many magnificent culinary experiences

The New Nordic Cuisine

Nordic Cuisine is renowned for using healthy and green eco food products and famous for using healthy and green eco food products. Because of the good agro-culture culture in the Nordic region, it is easy to get the ingredients.

In general, there are a wide variety of fish and meats, like pork and poultry, as well as beets, potatoes, cucumbers, boiled, baked and smoked apples, and much more food.

World famous restaurants

Combining with the basics cuisine the Nordic chefs and restaurants had become world famous and awarded.

The Noma Restaurant in Copenhagen won more titles for best restaurant in the world; many other Nordic restaurants have a good international reputation too.

Every country has its food traditions, delicacies and specialities. We have handpicked three top food & wine destinations for you.


In the last decade, the New Nordic Cuisine has revolutionised Danish gastronomy and created an entirely new focus on local ingredients.  Quiet and calm a renaissance of classic Danish dishes has been created, which currently being served in modern versions in several of Copenhagen's best restaurants.


Nothing beats the mackerel, lobster, shrimps, cod, turbot, hake and whiting caught nearby the Gothenburg archipelago. You will find some of the best fish restaurants in the Nordic region preparing amazing dishes here.


It surely hasn’t escaped you that Swedish food and food experiences have been racking up accolades and column inches in international food and travel magazines and on blogs.

Green, raw, vegetarian, vegan, locally produced and organic. In fact, in Sweden, there are plenty of top restaurants, where you can eat tasty, healthy and green. Top Michelin restaurants, new vegetarian and vegan restaurants, cafés and stores that care for your well-being and the environment open almost every week in Stockholm.

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