Popular outdoor activities in Finland

There are many ways to explore the country, but nature and outdoor activities will almost always play a key role.

Finland is a pearl related to the unique, unspoilt natural wilderness. Beautiful national parks, spectacular lake views, vast marsh areas and atmospheric trails in forests.

Finnish activities

You will find beautiful endless hiking and biking trails around the country,

Especially in the central and southern part of the country - The Lakeland/coastal area, you have many maritime activity possibilities in the summer, like fishing, boat sightseeing or canoeing. 


A traditional Finnish sauna experience

What about a well-being sauna and spa holiday, which nearly identifies the Finns. Your magnificent Spa Hotel offers throughout the country.


Lapland adventures

Up North, in Lapland, you will find the most incredible adventures in addition to the clear light, the fresh air and wide-open spaces. From unique Northern Light experiences to great arctic wilderness adventures like snowmobiling, skiing, reindeer sledging, snowshoe hiking etc...


Best seasons

Because Finland has a long Winter, the Finns celebrate their summer very passionately. The duration of the summer is around 100 days every year, from June to the end of August, start September. The season is, therefore, obviously essential for the activities you can experience in Finland.

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