Stockholm Pass

Save up to 50% on top Stockholm attractions every day of your trip. Free entry for over 60 attractions. Buy a pass for 1, 2, 3, or 5 days.

The pass aims to provide convenience, cost savings, and a more enjoyable experience for travellers exploring the city's cultural and historical sites in Stockholm.

Get entry to the most popular attractions without paying anything extra. Discover all the iconic sights, from palaces to amusement parks, museums and monuments - there's something for everyone!

You’ll be spared the trouble of paying by cash or card at entrances and public transport.


Some attractions included

The Vasa Museum

The Viking Museum

Nobel Prize Museum

Vaxholm Fortress Museum (summer only)

Skansen open-air museum

Nordic Museum

Storkyrkan Cathedral

Tekniska, the National Museum of Science and Technology


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Reasons to buy Stockholm Pass

Cost savings

The Stockholm Pass can be cost-effective if you visit multiple attractions during your stay. Instead of paying individual entrance fees at each site, the pass allows you to access many attractions at a single upfront cost.


Wide range of attractions

The Stockholm Pass covers various attractions, including museums, historical landmarks, boat tours, and more. This allows you to explore the city's cultural offerings and tailor your visit to your interests.



With the pass, you don't have to worry about carrying cash for each attraction or standing in line to purchase tickets. The pass offers fast-track entry at some sites, saving you time and allowing you to make the most of your visit.



The pass comes in different durations, so you can choose the one that best fits your itinerary. Whether you're in Stockholm for a short trip or an extended stay, there's likely a pass option that suits your needs.


Free guidebook

The pass often includes a free guidebook with maps, attraction information, and helpful tips for making the most of your time in Stockholm.

However, it's essential to consider your travel plans and preferences before purchasing the Stockholm Pass. To determine if it's worth it, calculate the total cost of the attractions you plan to visit without the pass and compare it to the pass price.

If the pass saves you money and covers the places you want to see, it can be a worthwhile investment for your Stockholm trip.


Where to buy Stockholm Pass

The cheapest and fastest option to get the Stockholm card is buying it at the official website, where you can get discounts of up to 15%. Remember that cards are valid for 12 months after the purchase.

You will get an email with a QR code for your mobile phone upon purchase.

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