Discover the Northern Lights at Aurora Sky Station Skiing in Swedish Lapland is a very popular activity Abisko National Park - one of the best places to see the Northern Lights Stay at a amazing icehotel in Swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland Guide

Swedish Lapland is a less populated destination in Sweden and offers the most magnificent nature eldorado for adventure lovers.

The northern part of Sweden is named Swedish Lapland, here, everything you do, feel, smell and eat is associated with the local natural scenery. Forget about the busy life, annoying noise and agreements.


The Northern Lights

Seasonally, between September and March, you can explore the fantastic phenomenon called the Northern Lights.

Fluttering coloured lights observed in the sky are great to discover from the Abisko Mountain Station.


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About the Midnight Sun

Swedish Lapland also creates special light scenery through the summer, including the famous Midnight Sun between May 27 and July 18. Above the Arctic Circle, the Midnight Sun is visible 24 hours a day.


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About Swedish Lapland

The northernmost town is Kiruna, the capital of Swedish Lapland. It is highly recommended and the key destination for visitors who are beginning their Swedish Lapland adventures.

Kiruna is surrounded by fantastic nature and the world-famous Jukkasjärvi Icehotel, but it offers a lot of other adventures throughout the year.

Enjoying and visiting the Sami people is a way to learn about the local community, history, culture, and traditions. They are the only indigenous people of Nordic countries recognised and protected under the international conventions on indigenous peoples.

It can be a very interesting experience to see how they live and how they keep up their traditions. A good tip is to take a reindeer ride in Jokkmokk with the local Sammies or enjoy a prepared Sami meal by the fire. 


National Parks in Swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland is surrounded by nature's wilderness beauty, which can be experienced through national parks. If you are looking for a perfect hiking adventure, take a guided tour through the Kungsleden Trail in the beautiful National Park of Abisko.

Sarek National Park is Sweden`s biggest park, with 2,000 square kilometres of high alpine peaks, valleys, and foaming rivers. It is also known as a place far away from everything, united with natural wilderness.



If you want a slightly more leisurely way to experience nature in Swedish Lapland, hop on the famous local train, Inlandsbanan, and get a breathtaking tour through the beautiful, amazing natural wildlife.

Get off in one of the historic local villages, get a glimpse of the local civilisation, food, and culture, and end your tour at the Arctic Circle for some photos. The Innenlandbanan starts in Kristinehamn and ends in Gällivare.


All over Swedish Lapland, the destinations offer many adventures to discover the unique nature. Of course, the season decides what kind of adventures are relevant.

Some of the highlight adventures are skiing, snowmobiling, reindeer trekking, and husky tours in the Winter. In the summer, adventures like fishing, canoeing, hiking, and biking are popular.

Even a stay can be an adventure, just like The Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, which is close to Kiruna, or The Tree Hotel in Harads. 





Book your accommodation in advance, especially during the peak tourist seasons in winter and summer.


How to get to Swedish Lapland


The easiest way to reach Northern Sweden`s beautiful nature is to visit Kiruna in the north or the university town of Umeå. From here, you will find daily flights arriving from Stockholm or Gothenburg.