The Aquaria Water Museum

When you are visiting Djurgården, don`t forget jumb in and explore sharks, corals, anemones in the Aquaria Water Museum.

Aquaria Vattenmuseum (Aquaria Water Museum) is a popular family-friendly attraction on Djurgården Island in Stockholm, Sweden. It is an interactive museum dedicated to marine life and water ecosystems. 

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Aquaria Vattenmuseum features a variety of exhibits that showcase different aquatic environments, including the Baltic Sea, tropical oceans, and rainforests. Visitors can explore displays of marine creatures, fish, corals, and other fascinating water-related elements.

Ocean Tank

The museum boasts a large ocean tank where visitors can observe various marine species up close, including sharks, rays, and colourful fish. The tank is designed to resemble a natural underwater habitat, providing a unique and immersive experience.



Interactive Activities

Aquaria Vattenmuseum offers interactive activities and touch pools, allowing visitors to engage with some marine creatures and learn about their behaviour and adaptations.




The museum places a strong emphasis on education and conservation. There are educational programs and informative displays about the importance of preserving marine ecosystems and protecting aquatic life.


Cafeteria and Gift Shop

The museum has a cafeteria where visitors can enjoy refreshments and a gift shop offering souvenirs and educational materials related to marine life.


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The Aquaria Water Museum
Falkenbergsgatan 2
115 21 Stockholm
Stockholm, Capital Region

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  • Lattitude: 59.325556
  • Longitude: 18.094774