In Vejle you find many beautiful buildings designed by Denmark`s leading architects Vejle`s waterfront is today a modern and cosy district The design of the Waves is inspired by Jorn Utzon's Sydney Opera house Vejle is a green town with many beautiful natural spots


Vejle is a city in Denmark, in the southeast of Jutland and is know for its beautiful nature and architecture and Michelin restaurants.

Vejle is a city with the futuristic residential estate 'the Wave' (Bølgen) by the waterfront. Vejle is perfect for a visit; you will find shopping centres and beautiful architecture. Vejle is surrounded by some of Denmark's most magnificent nature and is only 30 minutes drive from the first Legoland in the world.


Shopping in Vejle

Vejle's main pedestrian street is almost a kilometre long, and the street has two shopping centres Bryggen and 'Mary's. In the pedestrian street, exclusive speciality boutiques mingle with brand stores such as Ecco and Pandora shops and other famous Danish brands. 

You will find charming shopping streets, including excellent restaurants, trendy outdoor cafes, and bars.

In Vejle, you will find the perfect harmony between remaining old buildings and new trendy architecture. To explore the difference, visit the old hilltop windmill and a grand merchant's house or the Wave, a new stylish apartment complex by the waterfront.

Great nature experiences

Especially during the summer, it is very recommended to visit the protected nature area Vejle Ådal with beautiful rolling forests, rivers, lakes, and farmland. Throughout the Vejle Ådal, you will find perfect options for hiking or biking.

The valley is covered by unique nature routes, inviting for canoeing, angling and golfing. The area is also the ultimate choice for a family picnic, where you will find many perfect arranged places with beautiful view spots.


Nearby famous attractions

Vejle is close to two famous attractions in Denmark - Legoland in Billund and Kongernes Jelling, a UNESCO Viking Heritage attraction in Jelling close to Vejle.

Famous events in Vejle

 The Danish cycling race 'Danmark rundt' for professional bicycle racers goes annually through Vejle.

In 2022 the world-famous 'Tour de France' will take place in Vejle. 

Vejle Inlet is close to the town

As one of the highlights in South Jutland, you will be captivated by the Vejle Inlet. The 22 km long inlet has beautiful viewpoints, sandy beaches, and picnic spots. Every summer, you will find the Vejle Inlet dotted with white sails, and sailing into the meandering inlet is a unique nature experience. 

Hotels in Vejle

Along the Vejle Inlet, you find relaxing, luxurious wellness & spa resorts like Vejle Fjord Hotel or Comwell Spa.


How to go to Vejle

Vejle is located 2,5 hours drive from Copenhagen by train or car, and you will find train connections from Copenhagen every hour. Billund Airport is nearby, with connections from Copenhagen and many other international airports.

Do you visit South Jutland or Legoland in Billund, Vejle is the perfect choice for a detour. 

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 55.711311
  • Longitude: 9.536354