The Northern Lights in Greenland

If you are visiting Greenland during the Northern Light season, you definitely have to experience this natural phenomenon.

You can be lucky to discover the Northern Lights in Greenland from early autumn to spring, where the night sky regularly will be illuminated by the northern lights' green glow. This natural phenomenon always causes excitement and wonder among those who have never seen it.

What are the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, also called aurora borealis, are a natural phenomenon that occurs when solar activity releases a cloud of gas drawn into the earth’s magnetic fields, creating charged particles that collide with oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the upper atmosphere.

These cosmic collisions result in growing emissions of swirling, colourful lights visible to the human eye during clear winter nights at far northern latitudes.

When to see the Northern Light

The best period for the northern lights is from September to April when the dark and beautiful polar nights can be experienced.

Where to experience The Northern Light

One can experience the Northern Lights in Greenland, but the further north you travel, the better. Kangerlussuaq and Disko Bay are great places to experience the Northern Lights.

Kangerlussuaq's Arctic continental climate is one of the places in Greenland with the most stable weather, and often clear sky, which is a prerequisite for seeing the Northern Lights.

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