Top activities in Norway

Norway offers many exciting adventures all year along.

Norway is one of the last countries globally where you can experience a close encounter with nature in one of the world's previously partially unspoilt wildernesses.

Norwegian praise of nature

Norwegians are in love with nature very much and keen on outdoor activities. More than half of all Norwegians have access to a simple cabin in the woods, where they can go on the weekends and holidays.

Many different activities

Throughout the country, you will find protected spots and hiking trails to experience the fantastic nature countryside.

Other activities like biking, canoeing, whale watching or fishing are other popular activities in the country. You will find spectacular adventures in Northern Norway to experience the seasonal captivating Northern Light or Midnight Sun.
Skiing is enormously popular, and Norway developed skiing about 4000 years ago. The word ski is Norwegian. Skiing was and remains an easy and practical way to get around for people of all ages during the winter. Schools even organise obligatory ski days. Norway offers unique ski resorts.

Due to Norway's mountains, fjords and national parks, you will find incredible offers from tour operators.

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