Tips for Nordic Shopping

The Nordic region is world-renowned for their interior- and clothing designs.

You will find the best options for a good bargain in the downtown areas and malls in the Nordic capitals.

Ecology & food markets

The ecologic food products ranking at the top in the Nordic countries, and you will find a wide selection of exciting food markets, to shop and taste local food products.

Nordic design is inspired by nature

Nordic design is often associated with furniture and glass, and the Nordic countries have "produced" a lot of world famous designers. People like Alvar Aalto, Arne Jacobsen, and Bruno Mathsson are all important for the development of the traditional Nordic design with the focus on functionality and practicality.

The inspiration often comes from the beloved nature. Nordic design is more than just design it is a whole concept. The products, regardless it is furniture, textile or glass, they all have one thing in common - rigour and simple design.

Famous Nordic brands

A new Nordic trend is “democratic design” which means the prices for design must be affordable for most people to buy. A good example of this is the big furniture chain IKEA, who often works with young talented  Nordic designers.

Another example is H&M which has collaborated with world-leading fashion designers like Stella McCartney and Versace. The idea that beautiful and functional everyday objects should be affordable, not only for the wealthy but to all, is a core theme in the development of modernism and functionalism, you can see and discover all over in the Nordic countries.

Nordic jewellery is famous all around in the world, and you will find a wide selection of famous designs and brands like Pandora and Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.

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