Discover Nordic design in Biblioteksstan in Stockholm

Discover Nordic design in Biblioteksstan in Stockholm

Design Museum Copenhagen - Kim Wyon - VisitDenmark

Design Museum Copenhagen - Kim Wyon - VisitDenmark

Why is nordic design so famous

Nordic design is famous all over the world and here you get inspiration to Nordic Design and Nordic Design experiences.

Nordic design is associated with furniture and glass, but the Nordic design is much more than this. The Nordic countries have 'produced' a lot of world-famous designers like Alvar Aalto, Arne Jacobsen and Bruno Mathsson with a strong focus on functionality and simplicity.

The New Nordic design is democratic

The New Nordic trend is also called democratic design. The concept for the Nordic design was that the prices for the design had to be affordable to the population were able to buy it for 40-50 years ago. 

The core theme in modernism and functionalism was that the beautiful and functional everyday objects should be affordable for everybody.

Today Nordic designed products still have got this international image as functional and beautiful design.

A Swedish company inspired by this design tradition is the big furniture chain IKEA, who often works with young talented  Nordic designers. Another example is H&M which also make their product inspired by this design tradition.

Plan your own design tour

When you visit the Nordic region on a design tour you can here find some inspiration.

Discover some of the known designs, but at the same time explore also all the new designs and trends that up comings. Within both the architectural, interior and fashion design there are many interesting things to see and do, and we also recommend to stay at one of the many design hotels.

In the capitals Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki you find many design attractions but also many shops where you can buy many of the famous Nordic brands. If you go outside the capitals - Gothenburg in Sweden is also recommended to visit.

Stay at a Nordic Design Hotels

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