Visit the beautiful Icelandic highlands

Visit the beautiful Icelandic highlands

Visit South Iceland

Visit South Iceland


It is quite understandable why Landmannalauger area has the nickname "The Pearl of the Central Highlands".

The mountains of Landmannalauger are a result of centuries of volcanic activity in the area. The picturesque natural landscape in this raw climate is simply breathtaking.

See & Do

If you go to Landmannalauger by yourself on tour, there are more things you must see, but you also have the chance try out some active nature activities here.

It is recommended to travel into the highlands through Pjorsardalur valley and visit Hjalparfoss waterfall.

Your tour continues toward the west and past Iceland's most infamous and active volcano, Hekla, which during the Middle Ages was believed to be the gateway to Hell. The volcano has had frequent eruptions in the past years and has left thick layers of ash and pumice over the landscape.

Maybe when you visit Landmannalauger, you have the option to experience and enjoy a relaxing bath in a natural warm pool. Here many hot and cold springs are mixed and created together.

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Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 63.983000
  • Longitude: -19.067000