The Oya festival

The Oya festival (Øyafestivalen) in Oslo is a major music event in Norway that offers an amazing line-up of internationally known rock and indie bands, singers, and other performers! This annual event takes place in the first half of August.

The Oya Festival is most likely Oslo's biggest rock (and indie) music festival. 

The Øya Festival in Oslo is a vibrant and eclectic music festival that captivates tourists and locals with its unique blend of music, art, and culture. Nestled in the heart of Norway's capital, this annual event transforms Tøyen Park into a dynamic and electric hub of creativity. Here's a brief description for tourists:

The Øya Festival in Oslo is a captivating celebration of music and arts that beckons tourists worldwide to experience the pulse of the Norwegian capital. Held annually in the lush green expanse of Tøyen Park, this festival has become a cultural highlight, bringing together a diverse crowd of music enthusiasts, artists, and creatives.


Musical Diversity

Øya is renowned for its diverse lineup, showcasing an impressive range of musical genres, from indie rock and electronic beats to hip-hop and folk. Internationally acclaimed headliners and emerging talents grace multiple stages, ensuring something for every musical taste.

Beyond the music, Øya is a haven for art lovers. The festival collaborates with local artists to create immersive installations, vibrant street art, and interactive experiences, turning the park into a canvas of creativity.


Scenic Venue

Tøyen Park provides an idyllic backdrop for the festival, with its picturesque greenery and stunning views of Oslo. Festivalgoers can relax on the grass, savour local cuisine from food stalls, and soak up the summer sun while enjoying the performances.




Øya is committed to sustainability and eco-friendliness, making it a proud green festival. From recycling initiatives to locally sourced food and eco-friendly transportation options, the festival strives to reduce its environmental impact.



Norwegian Culture

Immerse yourself in Norwegian culture by savouring traditional Norwegian cuisine and beverages. Don't forget to explore Oslo's vibrant neighbourhoods, cultural attractions, and scenic fjords while in town.

Join the Nordicis in celebrating the magic of music and creativity in the heart of Norway's capital!


Every year in August


The Oya festival
0563 Oslo
Oslo, Capital Region

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  • Music Festival