The Midnight Sun in Greenland

Travel to the north of the Arctic Circle in the summer, and explore the sun on the sky all day long.

In contrast, the dark polar nights are characteristic of the region during the winter. It is funny after a dark winter to have light 24/7 suddenly, but in fact, the locals catch a lot of energy they use in many ways.


Where to see the Midnight Sun

The Midnight Sun arrives first in Greenland’s northernmost towns like Qaanaaq, Upernavik and Uummannaq.


When to see the Midnight Sun

North Greenland

The Midnight Sun is visible between late April and late August in the northern towns in Greenland. Closer to the Arctic Circle, the Midnight Sun is visible between early June and mid-July.


Central Greenland

Here, the sun does not set at the end of May until the end of July. During this period, the soft, warm rays from the low-lying sun make the surrounding scenery appear almost dreamlike; icebergs and hilltops are bathed in a surrealistic palette of pink, purple, yellow and red hues.