Unique, breathtaking and daunting

Unique, breathtaking and daunting

Mads Pihl - VisitGreenland

Mads Pihl - VisitGreenland

The National Park in Greenland

You will not find any national park larger anywhere in the world.

Located in the north-eastern corner of the country The National Park in Greenland is an Arctic paradise with wildlife. 

Uninhabited paradise

No people live in the area. The only people who have regular access to the area are sealers and whalers from Ittoqqortoormiit, a town in North-Eastern Greenland and the personnel at a couple of meteorological stations and the Danish Armed Forces unit, the elite Sirius Patrol.


Go there by cruise

There are unique expedition cruise offers, and it is possible to experience the unique, unspoilt scenery and to observe some of the most exciting wildlife found in the northern hemisphere, including giant walruses with powerful tusks and the largest predator of them all, the majestic polar bear.

It is not recommended to experience the park on your own, and not allowed without special permission. On organised tours, the tour operator will have arranged these formalities.

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 71.706936
  • Longitude: -42.604303