Skagen in Denmark Fishpacking on the harbour The Skagen Church

Welcome to Skagen

Skagen has a magical quality and the air shimmers with a certain light you cannot find other places in Denmark.

Skagen is the northernmost town in Denmark and has an amazing light which has inspired many Danish painters. In Skagen, you can discover unique nature, beaches and the renovated Skagen museum where you can see works by the 'Skagen painters' Michael and Anna Ancher and P. S. Krøyer.

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The nature around Skagen is a quite different experience with the meeting of the seas the Baltic and the North Sea just north of Skagen at the Skagen Odde peninsula.

The areas Skagen, Hirtshals, Hjørring, Løkken, Lønstrup, Frederikshavn, Sæby and Tversted in North Jutland are called the 'Top of Denmark'. 

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Skagen has a special light and atmosphere

The unique light combined with the natural scenery and the multitude of white and sandy beaches creates a very special atmosphere in the town.

At the harbour, you can taste local Danish specialities.

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The famous Skagen Denmark watches

The brand 'Skagen Denmark' is known all over the world and is designed by the Danes Henrik and Charlotte Jorst. They have combined Nordic minimalism and high quality in the design of their watches.

They are also inspired by Skagens´s beautiful nature and the long beautiful beaches and the special light.

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The coastline in Denmark

Denmark has more than 7,300 km. coastline. Featuring sand dunes, tall grass, vast greyish-blue skies and sparkling water, the Denmark country beaches are very beautiful and you have free entrance everywhere.

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