Kronborg Castle is on the world UNESCO Heritage List Meet Hamlet and the royal family at the castle in the summer The renaissance castle is from 1574 There are many events at Hamlet`s castle every year

Kronborg Castle in Denmark

Drama and history are gathered in one place at Kronborg "Hamlet" Castle.

In the year 2000, Kronborg Castle became a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and today it is one of the most popular Heritage sites in the Nordic countries.

Kronborg is the most famous castle in Denmark, immortalised by Shakespeare and today one of the greatest highlights in Denmark, just north of Copenhagen.

King Frederik II built Kronborg from 1574 to 1585 and placed it at the narrowest spot between Denmark and Sweden. In Øresund sailed many trading vessels from all over the world, and they had to pay a tax, "the Sound Dues," to the Danish King. 

William Shakespeare`s Hamlet

The Hamlet’s Castle’ in Elsinore is a world heritage site with towers, a huge banqueting hall and damp casemates. So how does Hamlet get into the picture, and why is the castle called Hamlet`s castle?

William Shakespeare must have heard about the legendary Danish Prince. Since Kronborg was already known all over Europe in the Renaissance, he probably thought this castle would be magnificent as "Hamlet’s Castle."  

Each summer, you can enjoy live performances of Shakespeare's greatest plays from Danish and international companies, including the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Holger the Dane is defending Denmark

You find so much drama and history gathered in one place. Here the cannon-surrounded fortress on the Danish coast merges with the luxurious Renaissance castle without its equal in northern Europe. It is an exciting experience to see the creepy crypts and catacombs of Kronborg Castle. Deep down under the castle, you meet "Holger the Dane". The imposing stone statue is a legendary figure in Danish culture. The legend says if Denmark is ever in trouble, he will wake from his throne under the castle and defend the country.

Guided tours

Inside the castle, an interactive exhibition tells the story of all the gold that ships should pay to the Kings of Denmark and how the Renaissance kings used the castle back in time.

Visit the banqueting hall, which with its length of 62 meters, was the longest in the north of Europe. You can also hear about the rich history of Kronborg Castle on some guided tours every day. There are three different tours of different lengths.

It takes only half an hour to drive to Kronborg Castle from Copenhagen.


Kronborg Castle
Kronborg 2C
3000 Helsingør
Helsingør, North Sealand

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