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Welcome to West Sweden

West Sweden is a region with a contrasting landscape. The provinces Bohuslän, Dalsland and Västergötland can easily be reached from Gothenburg, the biggest city in Western Sweden.


Bohuslän is a gorgeous coastal area on Sweden’s west coast which is lined by an archipelago of 8,000 islands stretching north from Gothenburg to the border with Norway. The coast is home to Sweden’s first marine national park, Kosterhavet. Try a seal safari excursion on an underwater camera boat.


Dalsland is West Sweden’s verdant Lake District and is just one hour north of Gothenburg by car. It is Europe’s most accessible area of wilderness. Full of shimmering lakes and deep forests, historic buildings and Castles. The medieval Läckö Castle best known as Magnus de la Gardie's magnificent Castle is one to be mentioned.


Västergötland offers a step back in time through a wealth of immaculate manor houses and historical sites with pretty countryside settings. This destination invites outdoor enthusiasts, families and anyone seeking to get active and close to nature. A much-recommended way to experience this area will be a cruise along the historic Göta Canal, one of Sweden’s national landmarks.

Seafood in Western Sweden

Western Sweden is scattered with fishing villages across the area which are ideal places to stop for a look around quaint surroundings, taste fresh seafood and dip your toes in the water while sitting on a jetty.


Sweden second-largest city, but at the same time the biggest town in Western Sweden. Nowadays  Gothenburg has changed from an industrial city to a modern creative, vibrant Metropole with a mixture of impressive architecture,  presenting innovative fashion design and interior. Shopping here is a highlight.

Beautifully located by the archipelago Gothenburg has become a popular tourist destination offering all kinds of adventures. Also, the cultural scene impresses with all kinds of festivals and events year-round.  Some of the museums even invite you to be experienced by participating yourself. Gothenburg is at the same time an enjoyable city, and the Liseberg Amusement Park is a "must-see" experience.

In Gothenburg, the atmosphere is easy-going and relaxed.  You will find some of the best fish restaurants in the country, because of the nearby archipelago. Beautiful cosy cafes and bars along the archipelago, together with a vibrant nightlife make Gothenburg an unforgettable experience.

Just outside of Gothenburg you can visit Gunnebo Castle

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Western Sweden invites all kinds of adventures related to the beautiful countryside. What about walks, hiking, cycling, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming or an underwater sea safari. Just check it out.