Cruises in Greenland

Discover the sight of icebergs of all sizes, whales at play, and impressions of the Arctic lifestyle.

The coastline in Greenland is more than 44.000 kilometres long and because of the sea ice, the main season for Arctic Cruise Adventures goes from June to September. 

 Exciting cruise options

There are more options to explore Greenland by cruise. Many big international cruises companies offer a lot of tours, which includes great nature experiences along the Greenland coasts and fjords. The major transatlantic cruises make mostly stops in cities such as the capital Nuuk and South Greenland Qaqortoq, also known as Greenland Riviera. 

These big transatlantic cruise experiences are normally combined with a limited time, which only gives an indication of the magnificent  Greenlandic nature and culture.

On the other hand, if you prefer your own individual trip to Greenland, you have some completely different possibilities to experience the natural wonders, activities and culture.

The most relevant destination for individual cruise adventures starts in Kangerlussuaq in East Greenland. Here you have the international airport nearby, which means you can be enjoying the tremendous Greenlandic nature in no time.

Unique cruise experiences

So seat yourself comfortably on deck and just enjoy the view of highlights like icebergs, big wildlife, the famous Greenlandic Ice Cap or the Ilullisat Icefjord, which has been at UNESCO Heritage List for years. 

The domestic cruises companies are experts regarding short breaks. It is the perfect combination of Arctic cruise experiences, activities like hiking or kayaking, and fascinating local city culture experiences, where you meet the special Greenlandic hospitality. 

Until the end of July, the Midnight Sun creates amazing sunsets and days nearly without no darkness. Cruising between icebergs looking at the Midnight Sun creates unforgettable moments. 

Excellent stays & connections

Like the rest of the world, the flight connections also get better and better to Greenland. Together with an increasing amount of perfect Arctic accommodations, you don´t need to hesitate anymore for an extraordinary holiday experience in Greenland.  

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