On this trip you visit the Nordic capitals and the famous Norway Fjords

On this trip you visit the Nordic capitals and the famous Norway Fjords

Tour around the Nordic countries

Here you find inspiration for an independent tour through the Nordic countries.

On this tour, you will visit the Nordic countries Denmark, Norway and Sweden with fjords, palaces, famous capitals and medieval towns. It never gets more classic, just as the name indicates!

Start in Copenhagen

We will suggest to start and end your classic tour in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, also known for Nyhavn, the royal castle "Amalienborg" and The Little Mermaid. The international flight connections to and from Copenhagen Airport are excellent.

Cruise to Oslo

From here it is very recommendable to take the cruise boat from Copenhagen to Oslo, which includes different kinds of amusements and an overnight cabin stay.

Enjoy a day or 2 in Oslo, known for Holmenkollen Ski Jumping Arena, Vigelands Culture Park, Oslo Archipelago, Ibsen`s Museum, The Viking Museum, just to mention a few of the attractions in Oslo.

Experience the amazing Norway fjords

From Oslo Central station you take the Bergen Rail to Myrdal, a magnificent train ride to the little town in Fjord Norway. Switch to the world famous Flåm Railway, an unforgettable fjord train ride to Flåm, the cosy, beautiful fjord village.

From Flåm it is recommendable to take a fjord boat tour to Gudvangen to explore the Nærøyfjorden, one of the most beautiful fjords in the world, also awarded on UNESCO Heritage List.

In the village Gudvangen, you will find connections to Bergen via the most incredible natural scenery mountain roads. Remember to make some stops to explore the unforgettable views, the air and the nature in general.

Bergen -  The "capital" of the Norway fjords

From Bergen, many of the famous fjords cruises start, and the fjord activities here are endless. Bergen offers a lot more, like beautiful views over the city and many beautiful historic signs and attractions, like the Unesco heritage site "Bryggen Wharf", from the period, when the city was a huge maritime trade centre in Norway.

You can easily use two days or more in Bergen, before moving forward to your next destination.

Stockholm - The Venice of the North

From Bergen, you will find excellent flight connections to Stockholm, which will be the last stop on the suggested tour around the Nordic countries before going back to Copenhagen.

In the Swedish capital Stockholm, you have a lot of options and excitements in front of you. Go on a sightseeing tour, discover the beautiful Old Town (Gamla Stan), take a break on a boat tour on the beautiful Stockholm Archipelago or visit the island Djurgården with quite many exciting museums like VASA Museum, Skansen Open Air Museum and the ABBA Museum.

Back to Copenhagen

After a day or two in Stockholm, you can go back to Copenhagen where you can visit one of the many excellent restaurants perhaps followed by a walk through the famous Tivoli Gardens, with a pit stop or two, at one of the many cafes or bars.

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