Visit the home of the Viking kings in Kongernes Jelling Discover the Vikings in Ribe Viking Center Koldinghus is a unique restored castle and today a historical museum In Billund you can visit the first Legoland in the world from 1968 Find beautiful architecture in Vejle, nearby Legoland

South Jutland in Denmark

South Jutland has magnificent nature, excellent amusement parks, and popular historical sites like the oldest town in Denmark and the home of the Viking kings.

Jutland is a large peninsula of Northern Europe that forms the mainland of Denmark. In the Southern part of Jutland, you find fantastic beaches, the original Legoland and several other amusement parks, a Viking attraction on the Unesco Heritage list, a royal castle, and many more.

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Unesco heritage attractions

The region has a fascinating history. You can visit three sites on the UNESCO Heritage list: the Jelling Monuments, The Moravian Brethren in Christiansfeld and the Wadden Sea National Park in the region's Western part.

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The Wadden Sea National Park

The Wadden Sea National Park on the West Coast in South Jutland stretches 500 km in three countries. The UNESCO organisation has recently designated the Danish part of the Wadden Sea as a World Heritage destination.

You can experience the beautiful fauna and the local animals and drive around in the Wadden Sea National Park. Stop also by the amazing Wadden Sea Centre,  a new fascinating 1000 m2 exhibition centre, which opened in February 2017. 

It`s also possible to experience the phenomenon 'Black Sun', where hundreds of thousands of black Starlings can be seen before sunset every year in September and October.

The numerous beaches on the three islands in the Wadden Sea called Mandø, Rømø and Fanø, are famous islands to visit in the summer for locals as well as tourists. From June to September, local tour operators arrange seal safaris here too.


More about South Jutland

South Jutland has always been an important region, and you can find many historic buildings and landmarks. 

You will find incredible historical buildings and architecture in Ribe, Denmark's oldest town. Visit the cathedral and attractive historical streets.

The Viking museum in Ribe is well-known, and the Ribe Viking Centre just outside the town is one of the most exciting Viking highlights in the Nordic countries.

In South Jutland, you can visit many impressive old castles such as Koldinghus, Augustenborg Castle, Gram Castle and Sønderborg Castle.

The region also has a royal castle, Gråsten Castle, the beautiful summer residence of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II and her family. Nearby in Møgeltønder, you will find another beautiful castle, Schackenborg, also owned by the royal family.

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Dybbøl is a historical landmark

In Sønderborg, you find one of Denmark`s most important landmarks, "Dybbøl Mølle". You find it where Denmark suffered its most significant defeat to Germany in 1864.

Activities for families

All around South Jutland, you can enjoy different kinds of activities and amusements. The most famous amusement park is Legoland in Billund, but Givskud Animal Park,  Danfoss Universe or Ribe Viking Center are very recommended.

The region also has many campsites, and you will also find fantastic options for biking in the summer on beautiful nature biking routes.  

The impressive wide beaches and beautiful inlets offer all kinds of canoeing, kayaking, surfing, bathing and fishing.  

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How to go to South Jutland

Do you prefer to fly directly to South Jutland, Billund International Airport, Denmark's second-largest, and  Legoland is very close to the airport.

Denmark's second largest is an obvious choice. South Jutland is only a 2,5 hours drive from the capital Copenhagen.

You will also find excellent public transport connections with buses or trains from big cities like Copenhagen,  Aarhus and Odense. 

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