Getting to Finland

Getting to Finland is easy as they have several airports with international connections.

Airlines and train

The largest and most busy airport in Finland is Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport. Finland is easily reached by air, with direct flights to Helsinki from many European, North American and Asian destinations.

Most of the flights are with companies like Finnair, Norwegian Air or Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), and from the UK, you can fly with British Airways.

If you wish to visit Finnish Lapland, TUI has many good connections from Great Britain. The company has 24 flight connections to Finland and connections to Kuusamo, Kittila, Ivalo and Rovaniemi airports.

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Regarding modern infrastructure in Finland, you will find an extremely well-developed transport system. Entering the country by train, bus or ferry is optimal. Especially from Stockholm in Sweden, you will find the ultimate ferry connections to Helsinki.

Popular destinations in Finland

You can find exciting activities and attractions in the Nordic countries all year round as Summer activities are here to mention the beautiful Norwegian Fjords and the many nordic Viking attractions and, in Winter, the amazing Northern Lights and the many fantastic ski resorts.