Adventures you only dream about

Adventures you only dream about

Mikko Nikkinen/

Mikko Nikkinen/

Adventures in Sweden

Especially in the northern part of the country in Swedish Lapland, you will find endless adventure experiences.

You will have a lot of choices for unforgettable memories here all year along. During the summertime, the beautiful nature surroundings invite for hiking, biking, canoeing, fishing, rafting, climbing, rappelling etc..

Winter wildlife adventures

Choose from a thrilling snowmobile safari where the emphasis is on driving and admiring the Lappish nature. Combine optionally your snowmobile safari with a visit to a reindeer farm, where you can enjoy a ride in a sledge pulled by these fantastic Arctic Animals.

The Northern Light Season

When its season for Northern Lights a lot of tour operators offers the most spectacular tours to experience this phenomenon wonder and colours.

Ice Hotel Accommodations

Another spectacular adventure in Northern Sweden is the special ice hotels. In combination with tours, a stay in one of these seasonally open ice hotels makes a tour complete and a unique experience of a lifetime for travellers.

So don`t hesitate do discover the adventures of Sweden.

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