Vejle Fjord

The Vejle Inlet is one of the most beautiful in Denmark. Not only for the natural beauty, but also for the many viewing spots.

The Fjord is about 22km long and extends from Juelsminde to Vejle on the north side and Trelde to Vejle on the south side. The Fjord's generally calm surface waters are surrounded by low forested hills shaped by glaciers during the last ice age, occasionally as tall as 80 ms.

The forests give the landscape a special quality through the direct clashes between forest and sea you can discover on both sides of the Fjord and these surroundings offer fabulous possibilities for a hiking and bicycle trip. The biking trail no. 5 runs through the East Coast Route area.

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Perfect for sailing and fishing

During the summer month, you will find Vejle fjord dotted with white sails, and sailing into the meandering inlet is indeed a unique nature experience. 

Along the Fjord, there are more beaches as Tirsbæk beach, which is close to Vejle city - another beach to mention is Daugardstrand which you find 12km from Vejle on the north side.

If you go to Tirsbæk beach, don't forget to take a short walk to discover the old Tirsbæk castle built in 1550.

Hotels nearby Vejle fjord

It's possible to stay at hotels overlooking the Fjord, and here we recommend the two hotels, Vejle Fjord hotel and Munkebjerg Hotel, which both have a beautiful overlooking the Fjord.

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 55.681381
  • Longitude: 9.718233