Graasten Palace in South Jutland is a residence for the Danish Royal family

Graasten Palace in South Jutland is a residence for the Danish Royal family

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Graasten Palace

The Gråsten Palace is one of the summer residences of the Danish Royal family, but the park is also open to the public.

The story about Gråsten Palace in South Jutland goes way back in time. The first palace was built back in the middle of the 16th century. Since the palace burned more times, the current Gråsten Castle, or the south wing, thus originates from 1759. In 1842, the main building was added.

The main house has a modern, all-white facade, with Venetian doors opening onto sweeping, manicured lawns and gravel walkways. The grounds include a huge stables court.


Summer residence of the Royal family

When the Danish Royal Family visits the Palace every summer, the royal guard departs at 11.30 am from the Mansion "Det Gule Palæ" at Ahlefeldvej 4, accompanied by flutes and drums and marches through the town to the palace. After this, you can watch the changing of the guard, which takes place at noon.




The Castle is located in the South Jutland, near the border with Germany.


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Graasten Palace
Gråsten Slot
6300 Gråsten
South Jutland

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  • Lattitude: 54.918661
  • Longitude: 9.582813

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