The Nature Route Hærvejen

The road Hærvejen is a dream for nature lovers in the Central Jutland, and it is possible to go here by biking, hiking, roller-skate or running.

Hærvejen is an ancient road through Central Jutland that once was used to drive cattle from Jutland to the German region of Schleswig-Holstein.

Unique historical & natural sights

Way back in history, in the early Stone Age, this road was essential and used by traders, pilgrims and armies.

Today, large parts of Hærvejen are unpaved, but you can still find stretches of the old, historical tracks where you can sense the atmosphere of those days.

Hiking along Hærvejen is very popular, but you will also find more options nearby the Hærvejen to rent bikes.

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  • Lattitude: 55.851600
  • Longitude: 9.363152