Dybbøl Mølle is a landmark with a dramatic history

Dybbøl Mølle is a landmark with a dramatic history

Arne List

Arne List

Dybbøl Banke Battle Centre

Visit one of the most important historic landmarks in Denmark, The Dybbøl Banke Battle Centre. Get inspired about the big battles by drawings, photos, uniforms and weapons from the wars between 1848 and 1864.

Visit the famous landmark Døbbyl Mølle, the Dutch Mill. Learn about the dramatic history and the big war battles between 1848 and 1864 by drawings, photos, uniforms and weapon.

Battlefield Centre Dybbøl Banke

A fine exhibition about the mill's history and the soldiers' graves in North Slesvig.

Tells the story of the war of 1864, of the fighting between Danish and German soldiers, and about life behind the front lines.

The Centre houses models, a diorama, and the film “The Day of the Storm”.

During the summer you will find a lot of events and activities for the whole family. See the reconstructed Danish fortress with blockhouse, barracks etc.


The History Centre Dybbøl Banke

Get insights about one of the most exciting and dramatic chapters of Danish history at the History Centre Dybbøl Banke.

Join the war in 1864, where the cannon thunder and the scent of pancakes spread in the soldier’s camp.


Dybbøl Banke 16
6400 Sønderborg
South Jutland

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  • Longitude: 9.754530