Visit the Ecolarium in Vejle and learn about our planet Welcome to Ecolarium The Ecolarium is an interesting knowledge centre and experimentarium   You can explore exhibitions, learn a lot about our planet and the admission is free Kids learn about nature, environment, energy, climate, food, health and innovation

The Ecolarium

Visit the Ecolarium where you can explore the environment, sustainability and a lot more. A tour in the Ecolarium takes around one and a half hour, and it`s free to visit this attraction.

The Ecolarium in Vejle is a science- and experience centre for the entire family. Here you can take a journey into a world of adventures and games about the environment, climate, nature and energy.

What about taking a walk on the bottom of the lake and see the life of the lake. You can decide to crawl under the floor of the forest and explore the hidden life of the forest.

Play with the straight and curved stream or take a virtual ride in the pipes and see rats and sewage. Experience what the municipality of Vejle do to decorate the cities with new plants

Buy unique items in the shop

In the shop, it is possible to buy animals made of old exhibition banners, handmade bags and more items related to the environment. 

Open every day: 10-16
Closed: December/January
Free entrance


Dæmningen 11
7100 Vejle
Vejle, South Jutland
+0045 76 81 20 60

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 55.706934
  • Longitude: 9.535000


Disabled persons
  • Handicap friendly
Free entrance
  • Yes