Blåvand Beach

Blåvand beach is a popular destination especially for self drive tourists in the summer.

It is located not far from Esbjerg on the Danish West coast in Jutland and the sea here is rough but also beautiful with wide, sandy beaches and expansive dunes.


The sandy beaches are unique to Danmark

The sandy beach area is plain, beautiful and magnificent, and it reaches 40 km. Blåvand is widely known for its children friendly sandy beaches.

There are no cars on the beach, and the waves of the North Sea slowly and silently lap against the shore of snow-white sand.

Here is no strong North Sea current and the shallow water makes the area ideal for children's play. They can touch the bottom far out in the calm water - the unique quality at the North Sea.

The special conditions at the South Beach naturally have their cause - namely Horns Reef that reaches about 40 km into the North Sea, thereby almost forming a lagoon.

Blaavand town, which from the early morning to the small hours is alive with tourists, is an active and nuanced shopping experience in the summer time.  In Town, you’ll find excellent relaxed atmosphere with cafés, restaurants.

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Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 55.562904
  • Longitude: 8.180225