Skåneleden Hiking Trails

Skåneleden Hiking Trails

Måns Fornander/

Måns Fornander/

Skåneleden Hiking Trails

Discover the wonderful nature in Skåne.

The Skåneleden hiking area offers all kinds of adventures.

It is the perfect choice to experience and feel the nature beauty in Skåne. Enjoy the breathtaking views and exciting sights in the vast network of hiking trails that criss-cross up and down throughout Skåne.

Amazing forest, cliffs and beaches

Remember to plan your trip. There is a wide offer of different trails, actually stretch over nearly 1.180 km, which is divided into five sections with 89 different stages.

From dark dense virgin forests to the mythical stone monuments from long sandy beaches to dramatic rock formations and from the flowering meadows with grazing animals to charming small fishing villages. Scania has an incredibly varied nature. The best part is that all the beautiful and interesting are within short distances, and you are never further than 30 km away from "civilisation".

Create a camp for a night

Do you prefer to spend the night in the open, there are plenty of opportunities to camp along with Skåneleden. Stay at one of the many campsites with all facilities or wake up in the fresh air of dawn birds singing under your own tree in the forest.

Would you rather crawl into a warm bed after a day of adventure hardships? There are plenty of guesthouses and B & B's near the hiking route. When you get hungry, the nearest cosy inn or restaurant is not far away. You will find accommodations, attractions and inns on Visit Scania and you can plan your route and more on Skåneleden


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  • Lattitude: 56.033245
  • Longitude: 13.411566

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